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The temptation to visit the ear care department of a Costco or Walmart may be overwhelming to you. After all, you’re there anyway to shop for groceries and pick up some toilet paper. Why not get treated for a possible ear infection or get fitted for a hearing aid while there? We’ll tell you why not in this article. The level of quality care is much higher at the office of a professional audiologist than at a big box store. The fast-food mentality has finally encroached into the patient services realm and its consequences can be disheartening. Sounds like a convenience to customers, but it can actually be detrimental to your hearing health, as employees at these stores aren’t always as experienced and trained as a true audiologist. Let’s check out the reasons why it’s best to go to a doctor for thorough hearing evaluations as opposed to a big box store whose sole purpose is to get you in and out quickly.

Higher Quality Materials

A top reason for seeing an audiologist is – you guessed it – high quality products backed by the best manufacturers. You can’t be sure of the quality you get from a big box store, leading many customers to think they’re getting a really good deal only to have the hearing aid malfunction later. Interference and bad quality of sound are two top culprits in sub-par hearing aids, for example. Buying products through an experienced audiologist who has taken the time to match you with the best product for your needs gives you peace of mind knowing your investment is guaranteed.

Cost Efficiency

You may think buying hearing aids and other services from an audiologist would be too cost prohibitive. After all, that’s how the big box stores entice you: with low, low prices. However, those low prices come at a price, and that’s in the quality. Those workers also attempt to sell you things you don’t need, thereby increasing your price. Going to your doctor can actually save you money because you can take advantage of health insurance coverage and you know the quality won’t suffer. Your initial investment may be relatively high, but this will all work out in the end, as most insurers pay a bulk of these products and services. Seeing an audiologist also means you get a complete evaluation of your hearing health so you’re getting the right devices or treatment you need, and nothing you don’t.

Professional Demeanor

Professional services render professional results. End of story. Backed by expertise and education, your audiologist boasts in-depth knowledge of the inner workings of the ear and can treat you for infections. If not, he can send you to a specialist for further more involved treatment. You can also get a custom fit for your hearing aids that work with your unique hearing problems.

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