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When it comes to protecting hearing and preventing hearing loss, most people think of ear plugs or sound blocking headphones. While these are both very useful tools, it is important to realize that technology has leapt forward and new tools exist to help people protect themselves from these loud and destructive noises. Digital ear plugs are one of the devices that are gaining the most attention for their ingenuity and ability to be used in many situations. In this article we will explore how these devices work, the specific way they use technology, and the most valuable areas in which they can be utilized.

Digital Ear Plugs- How Do They Work?

Digital ear plugs are obviously evolved from the most basic form of ear plugs that can prevent most sound from entering into your ear by providing a physical barrier. These devices can do this as well, limiting the possibility that any sound will get into your ear canal. Digital ear plugs can also function by preventing certain frequencies and levels of decibels from being allowed to pass into your ear. Another interesting ability that these devices have is allowing people to hear conversational speaking even when they are in a very noisy or loud situation.

A Look At The Technology

In order to prevent all sound from entering the ear and to allow for the best results to occur, digital ear plugs are usually molded to the ear of the individual who will be using it. When it comes to stopping certain levels of sound from entering the ear, the devices make use of a stop-gate technology. This reads the amount and type of sound that is occurring in the environment, and only lets in select noise, and even then can limit the amount of time that you are exposed to such sounds. They also come with a trigger that can be flipped manually to allow you to change your hearing preferences on the go. This versatility is what allows them to be used in many different areas in work and life.

Where Can They Be Used?

Digital ear plugs can be used in many different work environments. Of course, first responders and soldiers can make the best use of many of these benefits offered by these devices. For gunfire and loud alarms, these ear plugs can block out sound entirely so that they are not distracted or in pain from the sound. Also, in the midst of chaotic areas and even in industrial work environments, it is absolutely crucial to communicate, making the ability to bolster speech sounds and limit others incredibly valuable. With all of these benefits being brought into unfavorable work environments, it is safe to say that hearing protection has never been so comprehensive, and will continue to improve in the future.

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