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InSound Medical, a part of the Sonova Holding AG of Switzerland, recently developed the Lyric hearing aids which are the first and only invisible extended wear hearing enhancement devices. Here are some interesting details.

Lyric is a product which is designed to be placed deep within the ear canal. It can provide outstanding performance and continuous hearing enhancement results for months at a time. The unit is designed to stay within the ear canal for extended periods of time.

It is water resistant and can operate very effectively in many diverse environments. This device can go where most other hearings aids simply can’t operate in. With Lyric, there are no batteries to replace. The patient simply visits their hearing professional every 2 to 4 months to get a new device.

Lyric Extended Wear Hearing Instruments are sold on a subscription basis which means that the patient purchases one years worth of Lyric devices at a time. Any new enhancements to the product will be incorporated into new units at the time the patient comes to get his old one removed.

And Lyric is highly customized and can be adjusted to fit a wide variety of patient needs and conditions. At the same time the patient can make his/her adjustments as needed such as adjusting volume or turning the device on or off.

Since the unit is located so close to the tympanic membrane, the microphone can reside completely within the ear along with the speaker. It allows for good comfort while minimizing feedback conditions.

The product has a low power integrated circuit along with a proprietary long life battery. This provides for continuous operation of the unit for up to 120 days.

The product is virtually invisible and undetectable. In most cases only the person wearing the device knows it. This removes much of the stigma associated with hearing loss.

Lyric can be used for many kinds of everyday activities. This includes showering, sleeping, exercising and talking of the phone or listening to music.

And the overall design of this product allows for the most natural sound reproduction possible. The placement of the product also minimizes occlusion and feedback. Lyric is a revolutionary product.

If ease of use, virtually undetectable features, and outstanding performance are important to you then check with your local hearing professional to see if Lyric should be a part of your life.

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