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Vertigo, disorientation and even migraines are often linked to hearing troubles. Your sense of balance relies on a functioning set of ears in order to stay in check. If you’re having trouble with balance, then it might not be a bad idea to look into getting help from an audiologist.

Your inner ear controls balance, so damage to that area can do more than leave you needing hearing aid help; it can leave you with a weak sense of balance. Hearing devices can help to make up for hearing loss, but when it comes to balance; you’ll need to talk with hearing specialists. It’s your inner ear that detects your balance in relation to the gravitational pull of the Earth.

A hearing test and the right hearing accessories may be all that stands between you and a better sense of balance. Hearing aids can make up for a lot of the damage done to the inner ear after an accident or simply dealing with aging.

A hearing aid provider can connect you to an audiologist who can give you the right hearing aid advice and conduct tests to get to the bottom of your balance and hearing troubles. See if your insurance covers a hearing test and know that, even if it doesn’t, help from a qualified audiologist can be surprisingly affordable.

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