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Going to the movies is one of the most fun activities that you can do with your friends. Unfortunately, it can be a complicated process for anyone that has hearing loss. This makes it nearly impossible to go to the movies while they are in the theaters. That is why Regal Cinemas and Sony have worked together to produce glasses that can produce closed captions. We will take a look at the ways that these can help people with hearing loss.

Finding These Glasses

Right now, the Regal Cinemas have the glasses at 6,000 different screens. They are on a summer trial period for several months, but there are no plans beyond that point. It is thought that the data will be compiled from the usages of the glasses through these months to figure out if they will see more widespread usage throughout the United States.

Comfortable Design

These glasses have one of the most comfortable designs that have ever been produced for this purpose. They fit the head like a pair of oversized glasses, and can easily accommodate the largest heads and even glasses worn beneath them. The sensors that allow the closed captioning to be projected on the screen are fitted on the rims of the glasses, and are light enough that they will not cause discomfort when worn for a long period of time.

The Concept Behind Them

The Sony Entertainment Access Glasses have been one of the dream developments in a long line of potential candidates for Regal Cinemas. Randy Smith, a chief administrator, has been looking for caption glasses that could help the hearing impaired. This has been his goal of the last ten years, especially since his son is hearing impaired and would like to have a good time at the movies.

How They Are Supposed To Work

The glasses are given to the user when they enter the Regal Theaters. They are then configured for the specific needs of the movie as well as the specific desires of the user. They can be adjusted for brightness as well as the angle at which the person views the film in the theater. Of course, the best view for these glasses can be had in the middle of the theater.

After the configuration is over, the sensors on either side of the glasses will pick up the data from the film and the captions will appear in front of their eyes. These closed captioning glasses will allow everyone to enjoy the movies despite any hearing impairment that they have.

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