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Everyone knows that summer time is one of the best seasons to get together with family members for outside fun. Between travelling and going to a great deal of different outside attractions, there are many ways to enjoy friends and the summer heat. However, there are many loud noises that a person can be exposed to during this time of year, each with the potential to cause hearing loss. Here we will examine common summer sounds and how they can cause forms of hearing impairment.


Fireworks are a staple of outside summer fun. Most of the time they take place at sporting events or on the Fourth of July, attracting thousands of people from all over. Yet, each time a firework goes off, it can produce upwards of 150 decibels, which can cause significant damage to your hearing, as even 85 decibels can begin to cause hearing damage. You should consider watching this amazing display from a distance whenever possible.

Machine Noises

One of the other things that can cause hearing damage during the summer is the machines used to keep your lawn in order. A lawnmower is rather loud on its own, but the true danger to your hearing comes from the consistency of the loud noise. The same can be said of weed wackers, which also produce a lot of noise and are used for a long period of time. It is best to only use these in moderation and with hearing protection in place.


Another one of the popular summer distractions are concerts. With the roar of the crowd as well as the bass speakers pumping out 115 decibels for hours at a time, you can suffer both acute and long term damage as a result of going to a concert. To avoid this damage, it is best to wear some ear plugs when you are in the crowd and to stand as far away from the stage as possible.

Sporting Events

The final danger that is posed to your hearing during the summer is sporting events. While the roar of the crowd can cause some damage over time, the true danger comes from motor sports. Going to see a race can be exciting, but it is also likely to expose you to 100 decibels over a very long period of time throughout the day. Many people do not realize that this can cause hearing impairment if you do not take precautions.


How To Protect Your Hearing

There are two very simple ways to go about protecting your hearing. The first way is to limit the amount of time that you are exposed to loud noises. This means spending less time at a music festival and mowing the lawn in shorter bursts rather than doing it all at once.

The other easy way to save your hearing is by utilizing ear plugs whenever possible. Many outside venues will have them for sale, and these inexpensive utilities can be found in pharmacies.

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