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One of the most common reasons for hearing aid malfunctions is moisture damage. This sort of damage is frustrating because, in most cases, the wearer didn’t get in the shower while wearing the hearing aid or accidentally jump in the pool or get caught outside in a sudden downpour.

In general, hearing aid wearers try very hard to protect their investment and follow their hearing healthcare provider’s advice for care and maintenance.

Hearing aid manufacturers are just as motivated to find a solution to moisture-related hearing aid failures as hearing aid wearers are. GNReSound, a hearing aid manufacturer that isn’t wet behind the ears in terms of hearing aid technology advancements has recently partnered with the company P2i, a world leader in liquid-repellent nano-coatings to develop iSolate nanotech.

This thin protective covering, now found in all GNReSound hearing aids, promises to greatly decrease the number of hearing aid repairs due to moisture damage.

“Nano” is a Greek word meaning, “dwarf.” iSolate nanotech works by establishing a thin, protective shield on all internal and external components of the hearing aid. This protective barrier bonds to the hearing aid components at the molecular level, ensuring a thorough and complete covering of all components while continuing to allow sound to enter the system.

GNReSound recently conducted a review of 50,000 hearing aids sold in the six months following the introduction of the protective coating. It found that the iSolate technology decreased moisture and debris related repairs by 50 percent. The introduction of iSolate nanotech means that hearing aid wearers don’t have to worry about moisture raining on their parade.

With GNReSound hearing aids, wearers can be assured that their instruments will remain in optimal working condition for much longer than hearing aids of the past, reducing the cost of long-term hearing aid use and improving overall satisfaction.

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