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Hunter’s ear plugs are customized hearing protection for those who use fire arms. If you are a hunter, target shooter, or work in military or law enforcement, these custom ear plugs would be a great idea for you! Guns are heavy on power and heavy on the volume! For this reason, hearing protection is a necessity when shooting fire arms.

The catch-22, however, is that in most situations where guns are present (e.g., hunting), it is very important to hear soft sounds without being stopped up at all times. Listening environments can alter very fast, from soft to suddenly loud in only a few seconds. These sudden, loud impacting sounds can cause irreversible damage to the ear<. It is a must to find hearing protection that works to prevent hearing damage while allowing soft sounds to be heard! The good news is there is custom hearing protection made especially for these situations, and is available now! Traditional hearing protection unfortunately dampens all sounds in the environment, not taking into account soft sounds that need to be heard. These custom plugs are quite different, allowing the listener to hear at softer levels until encountered with a sudden loud noise. Sudden noises trigger a valve closure and immediately reduce the volume of the noise. The closure of this valve is very quick to protect your hearing rapidly from any discomfort or damage to your hearing. 636 Church St., Suite 307 Evanston IL 60201

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