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When you have children, sooner or later they will ask you to purchase them headphones that they can use with their gaming systems, music players and computers. There are reasons for this, because headphones can enhance the experience with these media, but there are certain characteristics you should look for when you buy.

The first is proper fit. Most headphones are created for adult-sized heads. They will not fit properly on a child’s head. When headphones are too large, kids may also end up constantly adjusting them, which might lead to damage. Many kid’s headphones come with adjustable headbands which make the first fitting easier, and that allow for refitting as the child grows.

The most important characteristic you need to look for, however, is that the headphones include some type of Sound Limiting Technology. Children will want to turn the sound up as far as they can, to a volume that can quickly damage their ears and cause long term loss of hearing. Your choice of headphones really should be limited to those headphones which do not allow excessive volumes, and which come with predetermined limits so that they can’t be made to surpass a level of 80 to 85 decibels. The decibel restriction suggestion pertains to both headphones that fit over the ears and ear buds, although it is undoubtedly more vital for the ear buds which sit inside the outer ear canal.

A different thing take into consideration is durability and sturdiness, because kids are hard on fragile products, and some headphones can be quite fragileindeed. Read parents’ magazines or consumer guides to learn which brands of headphones have a good reputation for durability and for lasting a long time. At times you’ll need to give up a little durability to get a lighter weight option. Certain headphones are quite simply too heavy for children’s heads no matter how many other good qualities they have.

Whichever selection you make for kids headphones, a final suggestion is to limit use to one or two hours each day. Constant sound, even via Sound Limiting Technology ear buds or headphones, may create damage to their sensitive hearing that can appear later in life.

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