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We’ve all been there; that crushing moment that you realize you’ve dropped something of value that shouldn’t have been dropped. It’s even more agonizing when you realize it’s in the garbage, the toilet, the bottom of the pool, or underneath the wheel of your car. It’s even more disturbing when it happens to be something you need to help you get by everyday; your glasses, your medicine, and yes, even your hearing aids.

Don’t be too discouraged- everything gets broken or lost at some point in time, and usually, this is the case with hearing aids, it can be fixed or replaced. If you have experienced a recent “oops” with your hearing aids, just bring them to your friendly neighborhood hearing aid provider for some expert hearing aid help. If you have dropped them in the pool or the toilet, chances are it will require a replacement. If you lost them in the garbage or crushed them while backing over them by accident while trying to get to them after dropping them under your car, it’s okay. That’s usually a replacement too. If you accidentally stepped on one or both of them after dropping them, they might be able to fix it.

Whatever the situation, and granted, hearing aid providers have heard just about everything, they know how to fix it. They understand how important your hearing is to you, and will do all they can to restore functioning hearing aids to you in no time. You can continue to hear great in just a couple of hours after relating your “oops” story. If you can’t produce the missing hearing aids, don’t worry; they will believe you and help you anyway. It’s just as important to them as it is to you.

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