Oticon Intent

Oticon Intent, driven by Sirius platform, features 4D sensors, MoreSound Intelligence, and self-calibrating speakers for clarity.

Oticon Intent, the latest innovation in hearing aid technology, introduces a remarkable leap forward with its pioneering world-first user-intent sensors. This groundbreaking development in hearing assistance is driven by Oticon's Sirius platform, which is purpose-built for high-capacity processing, essential for delivering a fully open sound experience while leveraging the novel 4D user-intent sensor technology. 

The synergy of embedded motion sensors, acoustic sensors, and Oticon's second-generation Deep Neural Network (DNN 2.0) ensures that Oticon Intent adapts seamlessly to the user’s listening intention, offering unparalleled clarity, noise suppression, and an enriched sound scene.

About the new Oticon Intent 

At the heart of Oticon Intent is the unique 4D user-intent sensors technology, enabling the device to recognize and adapt to the user's changing listening needs automatically. This includes assessing conversation activity, head and body movement, and the acoustic environment to provide adaptive support across various sound settings.

 Coupled with the new MoreSound Intelligence 3.0, Oticon Intent delivers high clarity and a balanced sound environment tailored to the individual's needs and situations, offering a significant improvement in speech comprehension. 

Through innovative sound processing techniques such as Wind & Handling Stabilizer and a more advanced neural noise suppression delivered by DNN 2.0, users can enjoy a natural, clear sound experience across all environments.

Models and Performance Levels

Oticon Intent is available in Oticon’s smallest rechargeable miniRITE style ever, ensuring convenience without compromising performance. Additionally, the new self-calibrating miniFit Detect speaker units increase convenience and assure that clients experience precise gain every day, contributing to a fuller sound scene and personalized fine-tuning of gain across 24 frequency channels.

Top Features

- 4D User-Intent Sensors: Provides personalized adaptation based on conversation activity, head movement, body movement, and acoustic environment.

- Sirius Platform: Powers the 4D sensors and includes second-generation Deep Neural Network (DNN 2.0) for improved sound quality and noise suppression.

- MoreSound Intelligence 3.0: Adapts to the user’s specific listening needs for improved speech comprehension.

- Wind & Handling Stabilizer: Reduces wind and handling noises for a cleaner sound input.

- Intent-Based Spatial Balancer: Seamlessly adjusts balancing of distinct sound sources based on user needs in different environments.

- Neural Noise Suppression: Enhanced clarity and natural representation of sounds in both easy and difficult environments.

- Virtual Outer Ear: Recreates natural pinna cues for a natural-sounding listening experience.

- Sound Enhancer: Adds sound details in difficult environments, enhancing speech comprehension.

- Self-Calibrating miniFit Detect Speaker Units: Ensures precise gain and a rich sound scene.

- Rechargeable miniRITE Style: Provides convenience with Oticon’s smallest rechargeable model.

Oticon Intent in Evanston

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