Unitron Vivante

Unitron Vivante is a groundbreaking hearing solution that epitomizes technological excellence and lifestyle adaptability.

At Evanston Audiology, we are thrilled to introduce the Unitron Vivante, a groundbreaking hearing solution that epitomizes technological excellence and lifestyle adaptability. The Vivante platform, engineered by Unitron, signifies a quantum leap in auditory innovation, designed to bring the vibrancy of life's sounds straight to your ears.

Embark on a Vivante Journey
Experience the zenith of sound clarity with Unitron Vivante. This state-of-the-art hearing aid is a testament to Unitron's commitment to creating technology that enhances life's auditory experiences. The Vivante's cutting-edge features, including HyperFocus and 360 Conversation in the Car, are tailored to ensure that every sound, every nuance of conversation, is crystal clear, even in the most challenging environments.

HyperFocus: A New Dimension in Sound
The HyperFocus feature of Vivante is a marvel in auditory technology. It creates a focused auditory beam, particularly in loud environments, ensuring that you can concentrate on speech directly in front of you. This feature is a game-changer in the 'Conversation in loud noise' program, elevating your ability to stay engaged in conversations, no matter the surrounding noise.

360 Conversation in Car: Enhanced Clarity on the Go
Unitron Vivante also introduces a specialized '360 conversation in car' program. This unique setting uses a binaural automatic system to focus on and amplify speech coming from any direction inside a car. It replaces the previous 'Car with speech' program, offering improved clarity and engagement during car conversations.

Your Evanston Audiology Experience
Choosing the right hearing aid is about finding the perfect synergy between technology and personal preference. At Evanston Audiology, our team of experts is dedicated to guiding you through the nuances of the Unitron Vivante, ensuring a choice that complements your lifestyle and auditory needs.

Discover Auditory Excellence
Embrace the world of sound with the Unitron Vivante. We warmly invite you to visit Evanston Audiology in Evanston, IL, to embark on this transformative journey in auditory precision. Let's explore the unique capabilities of the Unitron Vivante together, crafting an auditory solution that resonates with your life. Contact us for a personalized consultation and step into a new era of hearing clarity with Unitron Vivante.

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